Securus Video Visitation Helps Familes Stay Together

Securus video visitation helps families stay together by allowing inmates to chat with their kids through online video chat. This important service allows inmates to participate in everyday moments, like a birthday and allows them to stay in touch with pets. Phone calls and letters are two of the biggest ways that inmates try to maintain relationships with thier family, but these have limitations that video visitation does not.

Keeping in touch with family during time spent in prison is particularly important and particularly difficult for inmates who have kids. Visits are few and far between, especially if the inmate does not live near their children. In many prisons, there are limitations on who can be on a prisoner’s visitors list, and this does not always included children. This means that children are limited to brief phone calls and letters, which can be difficult for young children who need to see the person they are talking to.

Securus Technology is pioneering a solution that is helping to bridge the gap and can help inmates and their children stay in touch so that they do not have to reconnect and rebuild the relationship once the inmate is released from prison. Connecting with their children through online video visitation is a simple way for inmates to be involved in the ordinary, everyday moments of their children’s live.

They don’t have to go through extensive security checks or travel long distances in order to visit with their loved ones who are currently in an institution. Video Visitation also allow inmates to communicate with people who are unable to travel, such as an elderly parent or grandparent, a pregnant spouse, or a very young child.

Video visitation is a radical new idea that helps to keep families together when someone has been incarcerated for a long period of time. It is a great way to keep up with the little moments. It also helps to save time and money on travel when the distance between the inmate’s institution and the family’s home is great. Video visitation also helps inmates to stay intouch even if visting hours are over. This unique technology helps to brighten the day of an inmate.

Securus Video Visitation – Everyday from Securus Technologies on Vimeo.

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