Knowing More about the Life of George Soros

George Soros is a rich billionaire who is proud of the fact that his wealth does not come from family but is self-made. He is a person who is well-known for his investment skills along with philanthropic work.

George Soros was born in Budapest, Hungary in 1930. He was able to survive Nazi occupation there as his father spent a lot of money and got false papers made for him and the others in his family. He even survived the Communist rule in Hungary during the mid-1940s. After this he immigrated to London.

George Soros went to the London School of Economics to earn a degree in economics. It was in 1956 that George Soros moved to New York City. He was planning to make some money on Wall Street and then come back to London. This is because he did not wish to live in America on a permanent basis. But once he entered the world of finance on Wall Street he could not come back. It was in 1979 that he started his philanthropy. His lifetime donations have reached over $7 billion by 2012. Most of his donations happen through the Open Society Foundations.

George Soros got interested in The Open Society and Its Enemies, a book by Karl Popper. This was while he was studying at the London School of Economics. He was impressed by the philosophy of Karl Popper as well as his critique of totalitarianism. George Soros never studied directly under Popper, but was impressed by his work a lot. After reading his book, George Soros came to understand that there is no ideology which is the owner of truth. This is why only those societies will be able to flourish that can operate in a free as well as open manner. This means that there has to be total and complete respect for individual rights. These were thoughts that influenced George Soros deeply. They formed the basis of all his actions later on in life.

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George Soros sailed to New York in 1956. He joined F.M. Mayer, a brokerage firm, on Wall Street. After that he worked for a few more firms too. In 1973 George Soros set up his own hedge fund. This was named the Soros Fund. Later on it was renamed and called the Quantum Fund. Then its name got changed to Quantum Fund Endowment.

George Soros started this firm with $12 million which had been received from investors. The fund was a massive success. In fact, this led to George Soros becoming the 21st richest person in the world. At that time he was 85 years old and had an estimated net worth of $26 billion. In 1979 he started his philanthropic activities and established the Open Society Foundations in 1984.

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The Spark Tank with Marc Sparks

Marc Sparks, head of Timber Creek Capital, is an American business man and venture capitalist. Marc has also worked in business solutions, real estate, and venture investing. His current business, Timber Creek Capital is a private equity firm that helps turn entrepreneurs dreams into money making services and products. They provide office space, web development, accounting and the necessary capital. Mr. Sparks has been involved in more than sixty start-ups since the 1970’s.

He graduated in 1975 living in Austin, Texas, being a part of so many start-ups, some that went extremely well and some that didn’t quite make it. After being in entrepreneurialism, he finally decided to write a book about his experiences and what he has learned, so that other people might be able to learn from it. Marc feels that those who read his book could learn a lot more from his unsuccessful ventures rather than his successful ones. His climb to success is inspiring and you too can achieve success from the tips that he gives in his book.

Marc Sparks and Lynne Sipiora introduced Spark Tank in August of 2016, a process that will award mentoring and grants to non-profit organizations that support the community. Groups in the Dallas/Fort Worth area are allowed to submit their proposals to Spark Tank for a chance to win a $5,000 grant to help fund their cause. The second winner of the Spark Tank grant was Mommies In Need. They provide nannies that need childcare support due to a health emergency that can’t afford it. The non-profit organization has already started to put the grant to good use, searching for a bilingual nanny and one that is trained for special needs childcare. Marc states “I wanted to ‘spark’ or foster smart, fledgling non-profits with an initial grant; however more importantly mentor leadership within these causes by helping them with presentation skills. So many great causes fail simply due to the inability to ‘tell the story’ and properly ‘ask’ for the donation.”


Fabletics Carving The Path To Success In The Ecommerce Fashion Industry

Kate Hudson managed to come up with a brand that was able to be placed in the forerunning to compete with retail giants such as Amazon. Fabletics is a top quality and distinguished clothing line that provides modern and stylish fitness apparel in the form of yoga clothes, gym workout attire, and running gear as well. Kate launched this clothing line after she noticed that the market was flooded with subpar luxury active wear and consumers were not able to find apparel that gave them value for their money.


Kate Hudson came up with a successful brand that grew up to $250 million in just three years of existence with over sixteen stores in Florida, California Hawaii, Illinois and plans for more stores underway.


The brand managed to become a defining factor for the athleisure movement by implementing a subscription prototype to market and selling activewear to its extensive client base. The brand has defined its success in a saturated market by using a blueprint of success through implementing technological progression and ingenious media return on invests marketing campaigns.


Over the years, luxury wear has been categorized by the price and quality of the items. The most recent dynamic economic revolution has made this point of categorization not sufficient to guarantee the success of the brand. Brands have been forced to center their attention on the facets of customer experience, overall brand design and brand recognition to gain a competitive edge and ultimately achieve success.


So, how exactly did Fabletics compete with Amazon to be one of the top fashion brands today?


The Reverse Showroom Technique

Fabletics was able to rise in ranks and compete with brands like Amazon by implementing the reverse showroom technique. Showrooming primarily refers to looking for items in physical stores to examine the quality before buying it cheaply online.


Fabletics modified this and enabled online browsing to develop one on one relationships with their client pool. Using this strategy has been integral in their success. Through enabling consumers to register for membership, they are able to take an online survey that highlights their preferences through real-time sales and social media platforms. The reverse showroom technique basically translates to the physical Fabletics stores being stocked with items that have been requested by the clients.


The success of the technique is visible in how the frequent Fabletics subscribers have rated the service as well as the products. Numerous client reviews show that the products give quality for extremely low value in comparison to other brands offering the same services. Fabletics also focuses on the diverse needs and style of each individual customer. The clients have also praised the online site by stating that it has a distinct design with a user-friendly interface.


The company’s general manager attributes the brand’s success to its undeterred dedication to finding a balance between consumer culture, consumer education, lifestyle and accessibility to their customers. Fabletics continues to grow in leaps and bounds to define the path of success for other e-commerce brands.

Todd Lubar, A True Star

After receiving a Bachelor’s degree in speech communication from Syracuse University in 1995, Todd Lubar initiated his stake in the world of real estate. Aside from being involved in every segment of the real estate market and with intentions of helping people out, Todd knew that he was made for the real estate market. Initially, Todd began as a loan originator for Crestar Mortgage Corporation. While working there, he became skilled in the aspect of mortgage banking. This is something Todd considers to be an experience that exceeds monetary value. Because Todd Lubar wanted to learn everything pertaining to the real estate industry, he formed relationships with insurance agents, financial planners, real estate agents, and so forth. Today, these individuals represent a part of Todd’s magnanimous referral base.

In an article on patch, Todd took a major step toward building his present career in 1999, when he accepted an equity position with Legacy Financial Group. Working for Legacy Financial Group allowed him to further expand his lending knowledge. With this financial ability, Todd was able to broker loans to foreign investors and he was able to lend money like a direct mortgage bank. A few years later, Todd started Legendary Properties, LLC. Aside from being a residential development company, Legendary Properties encompasses purchasing, rehabilitating, selling and earning a profit on residences ranging from single-family homes to multi-family buildings that may contain 20 buildings.

When Todd assumed the responsibility of opening up his own firm, he was able to develop relationships with everyone who had experience in all areas of the building process. This made it possible for him to produce quality products in a timely fashion. His subsequent project was to open Charter Funding, which is a subsidiary of the First Magnus Financial Corporation. By establishing this affiliation, Todd had the ability to further grow his business.

With over 12 years of experience in the real estate industry, Todd discovered that there was an entire group of clients who were not being addressed. This finding compelled him to create Legendary Financial, LLC,. Under this umbrella, Todd is able to loan money to individuals and companies. These are segments of the population who were likely to be disregarded by traditional lending companies. In addition, Todd has been involved in over 7,000 real estate and lending transactions combined. Therefore, Todd possesses the “know how” when it comes to making an appropriate lending decision. That is all.

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EOS listened to their customer base and built a business

EOS was able to establish them in the lip balm industry by paying attention to the tastes and changes in the lip balm market and to take advantage of the dissatisfaction that customers had for the product offerings available for purchase.

EOS was founded by veterans of the personal care industry and worked for giant conglomerates like Pepsi and Unilever. In the process, they gained some insight into customer tastes and preferences and in how to create products that met their needs. To do so, EOS focused on the largest segment of the lip balm market; women.

When they interviewed the women on their desires for lip balm, they received information that the lip balms that they were seeking were sourced with all-natural and organic ingredients. The current product offerings on the market didn’t contain these ingredients and EOS lip balm saw this as an opportunity for offering higher quality ingredients.

Customers were also looking for a greater variety of flavors than what was currently available. The current offerings such as mint, cherry, and original, did not satisfy their desires and did not taste very good either. EOS set out to create more interesting flavor combinations that were more appealing to modern tastes and made some pretty interesting combinations like strawberry sorbet and blueberry acai.

Finally, customers complained that many of the lip balm jars on the market were not sanitary and required users to dip their fingers into jars. The standard lip balm tube was too easy to lose or leave in your pocket when doing laundry. EOS created a new orb that was both sanitary to use and easy to find, solving both problems As an added benefit, these orbs stood out on shelves for customers and they began to buy them in shocking quantities. Today, the products are also available on Amazon, eBay and other online retailers.  See,

EOS used Facebook to advertise, grow and expand into a larger player in the market and generate amazing amounts of revenue for such a young company.

George Street Photo and Video Locations In The USA

Make sure you are getting the most out of your wedding photographer; a bad one could ruin your wedding memories really easy if the video is blurry and not steady. One of the best companies to work with, George Street Photo and Video, has started expanding their locations all over the USA.

If you’re located in Boston then you’re in luck. They have photographers there and other states like Alabama and North Carolina. You can find the full list of states on their website today.

Mike Heiligenstein and the Vision of Transportation in Central Texas

The Central Texas Regional Mobility Authority is headed by Mike Heiligenstein who serves as its Executive Director. Heiligenstein was appointed in by the seven member board of directors 2003 from among three finalists. Before taking up his appointment as the Executive Director of CTRMA, Heiligenstein served as a council member of Round Rock City Council for about 8 years and was a commissioner in Williamson County for about 15 years.

Heiligenstein is also the current President of the International Bridge, Tunnel and Turnpike Association. He also sits on the advisory Board of the Texas A&M Transportation Institute and in numerous other committees that handle issues involved with transportation.

Generating Vibrancy through a Good Transport System

Without a doubt, Heiligenstein has a wealth of experience in public service having served in Williamson County for over two decades. Heiligenstein has a Bachelor’s degree and two Masters Degrees and is a very experienced leader especially in public infrastructure.

The Central Texas Regional Mobility Authority is an autonomous government organization that was created in 2002 with the purpose of improving the transport system in Williamson and Travis counties. The agency is tasked with the responsibility of putting into action innovative and multi-modal transportation solutions. Learn more about Mike Heiligenstein:

The agency works to ease congestion while also developing a transport system in the two counties that can help in enhancing the quality of life and a strong economical progress.

Framing the Challenges of Transportation in Williamson County

According to Crunchbase, at a recent Growth Summit that discussed issued concerning Williamson County, Mike Heiligenstein was one of the panelists. Discussion revolved around the issue of transportation and the challenges that Williamson County faces. Deliberations also centered on the changes that technology is bringing in the transport sector in the area and globally.

Mike Heiligenstein was of the opinion that there is a need to invest in the area’s growing transportation capacity by constructing more and smarter roads. He believes that there is a need to invest in roads by investing in efficiency and technologically advanced transportation systems.

Helping to Meet the Transportation Needs of Williamson County

The Central Texas Regional Mobility Authority has planned projects for the moment as well the future. These projects are pivotal components of a meticulously planned multi-modal transportation system. The projects are designed to conform to the varied needs of a region that is experiencing rapid growth.

Heiligenstein has played a leading role in numerous important transportation initiatives. He was instrumental in assisting in the funding that was obtained for Highways 45, and also lead the charge for a $350 million transportation bond package.

This shows how committed he is in bringing about positive change in transportation and makes his the right man for the challenges faced by the Central Texas Regional Mobility Authority.