What I Learned About Betsy DeVos and Her Journey for Reforming Education

When Betsy DeVos was appointed as the Secretary of Education I was curious to learn more about her, and I was anxious to find out what her idea of getting a quality education was all about. Although my daughter is now three, I am planning into the future alongside my husband for her education. Wanting the best for our child, it all comes down to learning more about who Betsy DeVos is, her past experience, and what we believe that she can bring to the table. When I learned that Betsy had been active in campus politics during her college years I realized that this passion had been present for many years inside Betsy. Along with her experience working with party organizations, leading a wide variety of campaigns and her position for six years with the Michigan Republican Party I knew that her career just wasn’t a thing of the past but hope for the future.

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I found it refreshing to read about Betsy DeVos as a mother, and how she and her husband continued to research options when their children were school-aged. Betsy could see that all parents wanted a quality education for their children, but not all parents were able to afford that type of education for their children. As Betsy and her husband Dick continued to notice that parents were struggling to get a private school education for their children, she knew that their had to be a better way to encourage these families to aspire to something greater. This included starting a scholarship fund to give these families an opportunity to get the education they wanted their children to have. As a reformer by nature, Betsy DeVos wanted to see vouchers become effective for those who wanted a great education for their children without the burden of the expense.

I wanted to learn more about how the DeVos family had helped in this area financially as well. It was during the 1990’s that Betsy DeVos realized that starting a foundation for the scholarships for students would be the one way that she could make a difference and have a dramatic impact. Betsy and her husband Dick were both politically involved as well, doing all that they could for the state of Michigan to improve their schools, and I find that admirable as a parent. Visit Betsy‚Äôs profile page on facebook.com.

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