Organizations Defending Human and Migrant Rights

The Advocates for Human Rights: This organizations seeks to ensure that very simply, as human beings, all humans’ right are protected.

That means that all humans have certain inalienable right that cannot be infringed upon, regardless of their race, ethnicity, gender, nation of origin, or religion, among other distinctions for which human rights are often infringed upon.

Protecting human rights is not only a moral responsibility; this obligation is enshrined in international law and is included among the basic tenets of nearly every nation.

This organization is of the belief that these basic principles must be adequately reflected in U.S. immigration law, policy, and procedures. Regardless of a particular individual’s rights as a U.S. citizen, our nation has a duty to uphold international and moral standards for treating a migrant, respecting his or her rights as a human being.

Mass and arbitrary confinement and detention, physical abuses, and discrimination based on religion or particular nation of origin are unacceptable abuses of individuals’ human rights and must be redressed accordingly. The group partners with the UN, legal advocates, and political allies to ensure that there is fairness, accountability and due legal recourse in the treatment of migrants to the U.S.

Human Rights Watch: This is one of the world’s premier organizations solely dedicated to combatting human rights abuses. Their steadfast commitment to protecting human rights is reflected in missions they have established all across the globe, with particular emphasis on areas where there is reason to suspect that abuses may be occurring. Learn more about Michael Lacey:

One area of human rights abuses which Human Right Watch fights vigorously is that which relates to mistreatment of migrants. Because these people are uniquely vulnerable to infringement on their rights – they are out of their home country and often have no family or friends to turn to – their lives tend to be fraught with danger, inhospitable working conditions, and unhealthy or often downright abusive, detention conditions.

Human Rights Watch investigates crimes committed against these helpless individuals and does everything in its power to remedy the situation and ensure that the perpetrators are brought to justice.

Lacey and Larkin: Journalists Jim Larkin and Michael Lacey obtained a $3.75 million settlement stemming from their wrongful 2007 arrest by Maricopa County, Arizona Sheriff Joe Arpalo. With this money, the two have established a fund to help organizations which protect and advocate for migrant rights in the United States.

Based in Phoenix, AZ, the fund has become a leading social justice and activism organization. Their fund is dedicated to ending racial profiling, random searches and arrests, suppression of free speech, denial of rights to fair jurisprudence and unlawful administrative detention. Their efforts are going a long way to protect immigrants to the U.S. that have become all too common in recent years, particularly in today’s enflamed political climate.

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How Cotemar has Expanded Since 1979

Cotemar is a Mexican company that provides services that deal with using specialized vessels used for the development of offshore oil fields. The company began in 1979 as a service company that offered accommodations and catering services as well as specialized vessels that operated out of the Campeche Sound. Within two years Cotemar expanded and acquired additional vessels that could transport personnel and materials. In 1985 the company purchased its first rig. It functions as a floating hotel that offers a handful of high quality services. From 1988 to 1996 Cotemar increases its fleet and expands it operations to include maintenance and construction. In 2012 COSCO began the construction of two rigs for Cotemar which had maintenance vessels and specialize cranes. These two rigs were also semi-submersible. The project was finished in 2015. One year later a subsidiary of Cotemar, Servicios de Extracción Petrolera Lifting de México S.A. de C.V., was awarded the Cuichapa Poniente area contract.


Cotemar understands that the development of offshore oil fields could pose a risk to ocean ecosystems. That is why the company does everything it can to provide a sustainable and safe environment for both workers, clients and nature. Environmental protection is one of core values of Cotemar. It is a value that affects processes from the prefabrication of their rigs to the living requirements of the people on board. The company limits its impact by preventing accidents, recycling materials and using alternative forms of electricity on their rigs. Creating a more sustainable environment even effects the type of food served for workers and guests, cleaning supplies used and how water is cleaned and conserved.


The company’s objective has always been to provide their clients with a product that is installed in time, within a specific budget. Cotemar also believes that they increase the value of their company by increasing how useful they are to their users. Cotemar has several services that their clients can benefit from. Their customized rigs are able to complete projects from the beginning of prefabrication through the assembly process. Their semi-submersible platforms use dynamic positioning to quickly move from one complex to another allowing processes to be completed quickly. Cotemar uses cranes with high load capacities to also save time. Along with their specialized equipment Cotemar employs thousands of well-trained staff members. These staff member offer several catering an hospitality services to those using a Cotemar rig as a floating hotel.


US Money Reserve Makes Big Interactive Additions To Website

US Money Reserve has been keeping up appearances with its website, and now the precious metals sales company has a new ecommerce platform that’s hit the market. This new website provides a great visual display of all its catalogued coins while at the same time providing information on pricing and investing.

According to Crunchbase, US Money Reserve decided to rollout this new website to give mobile users easier access to their products and make the website compatible for all devices.

Also included in this new website are new photo galleries and a brief foreword by company President Philip Diehl to new precious metal investors. US Money Reserve also recently hosted the 2016 Gold Summit on television.

US Money Reserve is the largest privately-owned precious metals sales company based in Austin, TX. Their mission goes beyond just sales into educating all investors about why buying gold and silver is important especially today.

When political and economic times reach highly uncertain levels, international markets can be affected and traditional investments may not be as safe as they once were. But gold and silver are two currencies that cannot be regulated by any government and can be used anywhere in the world due to their high demand. US Money Reserve has quite a variety of bullion in stock at its website.

Most importantly, US Money Reserve’s President Philip N. Diehl has immense experience in the precious metals market because he’s a former US Mint Director.

Appointed by former President Bill Clinton because of his record in accounting and high office management, Diehl turned the US Mint into one of the most profitable departments in the federal government at over $2 billion.

Most notably he had the agency rollout an ecommerce website for customers to purchase all kinds of minted coins and had operations at the department streamlined to maximum efficiency.

Diehl chose to join the US Money Reserve when he entered the private sector because this company valued customer service and providing transparency to customers. US Money Reserve has information available about purchases including transferring existing IRAs into precious metal assets.

US Money Reserve uses Client-Connect Advantage to guide customers through purchases and even to assist in making returns if the products haven’t worked for them. Investing in gold and silver has its risks, but US Money Reserve has many options and can provide answers to questions you have about products. To start investing in gold or silver, visit

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A Communications Platform That is Trending Upward: Securus Technologies

Securus Technologies is becoming widely known as being a communicative platform that is connecting inmates and their significant others, relatives, co-workers, and any other form of acquaintance at lightning speeds through its beautifully designed and engineered program. If you’re not too sure about what this particular program is offering for its users, then you may be able to benefit from going on its website, as there are many pertinent details that could be of value to you.


Securus Technologies isn’t placing much importance on the number of facilities that they can have their program implemented into yet, but instead, they’re placing much more importance on the quality of services that they’re capable of providing for their immediate users. Although the number of correctional facilities the program is being implemented in isn’t necessarily a primary concern at this point in time, it may be beneficial for anyone to know that it may be greatly advantageous for anyone who may be wanting to speak with an inmate who is currently confined in a correctional facility where it has yet to be integrated to make a request to the communications department to see whether they’re either willing or capable of having the program installed. If so, you may be able to begin utilizing the program rather quickly.


Securus Technologies is a program that’s been designed to have its primary users as its number one concern. Due to this aspect of its designing process, its primary users are being provided with a platform of communications that is truly beneficial to them, as it’s one that provides high qualities of both audio and video, while offering them connection speeds that are absolutely strong, safe, and secure. Only law enforcement agencies and courts have access to the conversations that are conducted over the program/platform. Be sure to speak with a customer service assistant today!


Brown Modeling Agency

This Modeling Agency is located in Austin, Texas and is formed by two companies, Wilhelmina Austin and Heyman Talent-South. This agency has its headquarters located in Austin, Texas, but has locations in Dallas and Los Angeles. This company is the perfect opportunity for print modeling and fashion talent. There are numerous amounts of designers for this company with very talented modeling individuals. Wilhelmina Austin was a well known and well respected company even before joining with Heyman Talent-South. These two companies together were a wonderful idea and creation. The creator of this organization is Justin Brown, who worked his way through college by modeling and working at a modeling agency. Modeling was something he was passionate about. He began doing “fit modeling” and modeling skinny jeans, making one hundred dollars an hour.

Even though Justin began working as a model, he was more interested in working behind the cameras. Following this interest, Justin began working in what is known as “development and placing” for models. He would train models to act like professionals and then helped them in finding a job or graduating college to find a job as well. He is now doing the same job, in a way, with the models working for Brown Modeling Agency. When moving to Austin in 2005, Justin began his own modeling business there right away. The business he started was a development business, which is where he would pay agencies for training. Justin Brown worked hard through his development business and watching other companies develop and basically learning from watching. From starting at the age of eighteen, Justin Brown has been very successful.

He showed that when you are young you believe you can do anything and he followed his belief. He worked hard and started small, but invested in his own business that now became huge. He is now the owner of a full service agency. This agency takes pride in finding the best, most professional and successful models. Auditions are held in Austin, Texas, every Thursday from 3:00 to 4:00 pm. They are located at 100 Congress Avenue Suite 100. All you need to bring is a resume and a few photos that do not have to be professional. Take up on your opportunity to join a very successful company!

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What is the Wessex Institute of Technology?

The Wessex Institute of Technology is a research institute that offers students the chance to earn higher degrees in many fields. They don’t operate the same way an ordinary college would, and they utilize a process where they focus on research first, then conferences, and finally publishing. They provide students and top notch honorary students with the chance to receive awards and medals every year.

They work in connection with many different universities and colleges throughout the nation to create conferences that help unite and educate students. With more than 20-25 different conferences a year, it’s easy to say they have built roadmaps and created success for all of their students to succeed. Learn More.

How Jason Hope and the Internet of Things can Change an Industry

The Internet of Things relates to the way that every day objects can use wireless connections in order to interface with the internet. The Internet of Things is a culture change, a tech revelation, and a huge opportunity for those within the tech industry. Jason Hope is an avid futurist and a proud promoter of the Internet of Things. In fact, Hope believes that the Internet of Things (IoT) is going to be the biggest industry in the world change that we’ve ever seen. Hope believes that the IoT will be the prevailing way of life in all major industries and it is already becoming established in the airline industry.

Hope points to the way that airlines currently operate in order to tout the future effectiveness of the Internet of Things. Take Virgin Atlantic’s Boeing 787’s as our first and most prime example. These airplanes are connected wirelessly with the internet, from head to toe, in order to feed data constantly to a database so that it can be monitored by someone for the safety of everyone involved. The Internet of Things has already made its mark and most people don’t even realize it. Yet, this is only one way that the IoT is making an impact.You can also follow him on twitter :

Pushing the concept of the Internet of Things further, Hope believes that the IoT will be making a huge impact on the safety and well-being of people choosing to use airline industries. Hope points to baggage handling efficiency being improved by wireless tracking of all bags. He also suggests that at some point in time airports will be working to directly interface with their clients as they walk around. He thinks that there will be wireless technology to help prevent customers from getting lost as they walk around.While the Internet of Things my sound like a piece of science fiction, it really isn’t. Jason Hope has worked within the industry long enough to identify trends that are worth following. If Jason Hope believes in the Internet of Things, you can bet many other people do as well.

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