How Jason Hope and the Internet of Things can Change an Industry

The Internet of Things relates to the way that every day objects can use wireless connections in order to interface with the internet. The Internet of Things is a culture change, a tech revelation, and a huge opportunity for those within the tech industry. Jason Hope is an avid futurist and a proud promoter of the Internet of Things. In fact, Hope believes that the Internet of Things (IoT) is going to be the biggest industry in the world change that we’ve ever seen. Hope believes that the IoT will be the prevailing way of life in all major industries and it is already becoming established in the airline industry.

Hope points to the way that airlines currently operate in order to tout the future effectiveness of the Internet of Things. Take Virgin Atlantic’s Boeing 787’s as our first and most prime example. These airplanes are connected wirelessly with the internet, from head to toe, in order to feed data constantly to a database so that it can be monitored by someone for the safety of everyone involved. The Internet of Things has already made its mark and most people don’t even realize it. Yet, this is only one way that the IoT is making an impact.You can also follow him on twitter :

Pushing the concept of the Internet of Things further, Hope believes that the IoT will be making a huge impact on the safety and well-being of people choosing to use airline industries. Hope points to baggage handling efficiency being improved by wireless tracking of all bags. He also suggests that at some point in time airports will be working to directly interface with their clients as they walk around. He thinks that there will be wireless technology to help prevent customers from getting lost as they walk around.While the Internet of Things my sound like a piece of science fiction, it really isn’t. Jason Hope has worked within the industry long enough to identify trends that are worth following. If Jason Hope believes in the Internet of Things, you can bet many other people do as well.

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