Brown Modeling Agency

This Modeling Agency is located in Austin, Texas and is formed by two companies, Wilhelmina Austin and Heyman Talent-South. This agency has its headquarters located in Austin, Texas, but has locations in Dallas and Los Angeles. This company is the perfect opportunity for print modeling and fashion talent. There are numerous amounts of designers for this company with very talented modeling individuals. Wilhelmina Austin was a well known and well respected company even before joining with Heyman Talent-South. These two companies together were a wonderful idea and creation. The creator of this organization is Justin Brown, who worked his way through college by modeling and working at a modeling agency. Modeling was something he was passionate about. He began doing “fit modeling” and modeling skinny jeans, making one hundred dollars an hour.

Even though Justin began working as a model, he was more interested in working behind the cameras. Following this interest, Justin began working in what is known as “development and placing” for models. He would train models to act like professionals and then helped them in finding a job or graduating college to find a job as well. He is now doing the same job, in a way, with the models working for Brown Modeling Agency. When moving to Austin in 2005, Justin began his own modeling business there right away. The business he started was a development business, which is where he would pay agencies for training. Justin Brown worked hard through his development business and watching other companies develop and basically learning from watching. From starting at the age of eighteen, Justin Brown has been very successful.

He showed that when you are young you believe you can do anything and he followed his belief. He worked hard and started small, but invested in his own business that now became huge. He is now the owner of a full service agency. This agency takes pride in finding the best, most professional and successful models. Auditions are held in Austin, Texas, every Thursday from 3:00 to 4:00 pm. They are located at 100 Congress Avenue Suite 100. All you need to bring is a resume and a few photos that do not have to be professional. Take up on your opportunity to join a very successful company!

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