Wild ark-Exploring the World While Preserving the Environment

Wild Ark was founded by Mark and Sophie Hutchinson. These two were a pair of passionate conservationists who were concerned about the hazards facing the world’s wild places and together with their team, they were dedicated to helping educate individuals about the wild and working to ensure our planet is protected for the coming generation.


Wild Ark offers strictly eco-friendly and endurable experiences and destinations that guarantee the adventure of a lifetime. Their aim is to both inspire and excite you with trips to some of the globe’s wildest places. It also aims at securing parts of identified green belts around the globe in order to protect the abundant biodiversity of these areas as a form of conserving wildlife and at the same time creating a research and opportunities for people to reconnect with nature.


One of the much recommended eco-friendly destination by Wild Ark is the Alaska sportsman lodge. It is a full service fishing lodge that is situated at the heart of the Bristol Bay region. As you stroll down the clear river, a couple of miles from the majestic lake Iliama you will notice it is intimately snuggled up on the riverbank. The Alaska sportsman lodge has little to no restrictions. It operates on a ‘no set schedule’ .it allows you to work with your guide and discuss the type of fishing and how much fishing you would prefer to do.


Another eco-friendly destination is the campi ya kanzi. This is a boutique Eco lodge located in chyulu hills of southern Kenya. Also referred to as ‘camp of the hidden treasure’- campi ya kanzi happens to be the only lodge on maasai-owned reserve. It offers memorable wildlife encounter, exciting outdoor adventures, luxurious comfort and the authentic connection to the people of the maasai tribe.


It also influences the benefits of tourism to protect the local environment and preserve the maasai culture. Campi ya kanzi has a unique devotion to community development and environmental sustainability. They consider themselves leaders in real ecotourism and involving the local maasai in benefiting from wilderness with prosperous wildlife.


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