Crystal Hunt Continues Successful Career

Crystal Hunt is a 30-year old American actress who has been in the industry ever since childhood. Born and raised in Clearwater, Florida, Hunt had her first acting role when she was just six years old. That was when she obtained a small uncredited role in the blockbuster film Problem Child 2. After taking several years off from acting on the big screen, Hunt has had a variety of roles in very popular dramatic TV shows, movies, and reality TV shows.

Crystal Hunt is likely best known for her role in the very popular television show The Guided Light, which is a soap opera that ran for decades. While on the show for a total of 30 episodes she portrayed Lizzie Spaulding, a young woman that brought plenty of drama to the storyline. After getting he big break on The Guided Light she earned significantly more recognition as Stacy Morasco on One Life to Live, another popular daytime television program. In her role, which ended in 2012, she was a fan favorite and was in nearly 200 different episodes over a five year period.

While she is best known for her rolls on daytime television programs, crystal hunt has also had a variety of other roles in the entertainment industry. She was recently credited in the popular film Magic Mike XXL and had a starring role in the critically acclaimed film Sydney White. Hunt has also expanded her career into reality television. She has been given a starring role in the show Queens of Drama, which follows the lives of several different current and former actresses. She also was involved in the documentary Soap Life, which discussed the behind the scenes of the most popular soap operas.  Follow her career as it goes from her IMDb page.