Mike Heiligenstein and the Vision of Transportation in Central Texas

The Central Texas Regional Mobility Authority is headed by Mike Heiligenstein who serves as its Executive Director. Heiligenstein was appointed in by the seven member board of directors 2003 from among three finalists. Before taking up his appointment as the Executive Director of CTRMA, Heiligenstein served as a council member of Round Rock City Council for about 8 years and was a commissioner in Williamson County for about 15 years.

Heiligenstein is also the current President of the International Bridge, Tunnel and Turnpike Association. He also sits on the advisory Board of the Texas A&M Transportation Institute and in numerous other committees that handle issues involved with transportation.

Generating Vibrancy through a Good Transport System

Without a doubt, Heiligenstein has a wealth of experience in public service having served in Williamson County for over two decades. Heiligenstein has a Bachelor’s degree and two Masters Degrees and is a very experienced leader especially in public infrastructure.

The Central Texas Regional Mobility Authority is an autonomous government organization that was created in 2002 with the purpose of improving the transport system in Williamson and Travis counties. The agency is tasked with the responsibility of putting into action innovative and multi-modal transportation solutions. Learn more about Mike Heiligenstein: https://www.linkedin.com/in/mikeheiligenstein

The agency works to ease congestion while also developing a transport system in the two counties that can help in enhancing the quality of life and a strong economical progress.

Framing the Challenges of Transportation in Williamson County

According to Crunchbase, at a recent Growth Summit that discussed issued concerning Williamson County, Mike Heiligenstein was one of the panelists. Discussion revolved around the issue of transportation and the challenges that Williamson County faces. Deliberations also centered on the changes that technology is bringing in the transport sector in the area and globally.

Mike Heiligenstein was of the opinion that there is a need to invest in the area’s growing transportation capacity by constructing more and smarter roads. He believes that there is a need to invest in roads by investing in efficiency and technologically advanced transportation systems.

Helping to Meet the Transportation Needs of Williamson County

The Central Texas Regional Mobility Authority has planned projects for the moment as well the future. These projects are pivotal components of a meticulously planned multi-modal transportation system. The projects are designed to conform to the varied needs of a region that is experiencing rapid growth.

Heiligenstein has played a leading role in numerous important transportation initiatives. He was instrumental in assisting in the funding that was obtained for Highways 45, and also lead the charge for a $350 million transportation bond package.

This shows how committed he is in bringing about positive change in transportation and makes his the right man for the challenges faced by the Central Texas Regional Mobility Authority.