The Healthcare Transformation that Copa Star has caused in Rio de Janeiro

Residents of Rio de Janeiro, Brazil lacked a healthcare center that could offer advanced medical services until November 2016 when Copa Star Hospital was established. The hospital has significantly transformed the level of medical care services that can be accessed in the city. Copa Star provides world-class health care and comfort to the patients who seek its services. Its image of a five-star facility is displayed by its architectural and interior designs. The luxurious amenities and medical care that is offered at the hospital has enabled it to build an excellent reputation locally and internationally. Copa Star has invested in cutting edge technology that has ever been developed in the medical industry. The hospital was established by D’Or network, which is a company that focuses on developing excellent healthcare facilities in South America. The chairperson of the D’Or network is Jorge Moll. He is a revered cardiology specialist in Brazil and has made sure that the hospital own state-of-the-art cardiology and neurosurgery equipment. Jorge Moll believes that the hospital’s five-star facilities will allow Brazilian to access world-class healthcare.

Copa Star is regarded as Rio de Janeiro’s most preferred hospital since it provides extraordinary customer care, diagnostic and treatment equipment, and comfortable healing suites. It also has well-equipped rooms that are used for offering therapeutic services. Patients from across the globe visit the hospital due to its excellent reputation. According to Copa Star, the comfort of the patients allows them to recuperate faster. The hospital has ensured that the patients’ accommodation suites meet the standard of a five-star hotel. The environment of the hospital is bright due to the aroma and decorations that have been fitted in the lobbies, corridors, and the reception. It is not dull like in traditional healthcare facilities.


D’Or network invested more than $100 million Copa Star’s medical equipment. It aims at making the hospital a leading destination for cardiac and neurological surgeries. Some of the critical machines that the hospital owns include robotic assistants, MRI Machines, modern diagnostic center, as well as neurosurgery and cardiology tools. It also has 59 intensive care units that have state-of-the-art facilities. Video conferencing technology has been embedded in the ICUs.

The hospital has trained all its employees to serve the patients in a friendly manner. It has a computerized hospitality system that simplifies interaction between the patients and staff. The guests use the program by on customized iPads that are offered to them. The hospitality software also gives the patients the ability to manage their environments such as curtains, light, and temperature. Hospital Copa Star has 113 medical professionals who have specialized in various areas. They live close to the hospital and are always accessible in case of emergencies. The staff of the hospital has a total of more than 500 professionals. Visit the site to know more.

Why Talk Fusion is the Leading Internet Marketing Technology

Are in search of an innovative way of marketing your products? There are many ways of doing exactly that if you have internet connection. The age of the internet has brought with it many solutions to all your marketing problems. One of the tools of internet marketing which has been developed recently is Talk Fusion. This is a platform which enables you to market your products and services through video technology. It also gives you a simple way of keeping in touch with not only your customers but also your friends and family.

Talk Fusion is a company which was founded by Bob Reina. He is a marketing expert and has been in the industry for more than 20 years. Bob Reina has a good reputation as an entrepreneur and has been on television and the newspapers for all his civic contributions as well as charitable donations. He is the brain behind the Talk Fusion marketing technology which has helped revolutionize how many people market and get the most out of their businesses.

Talk Fusion works by developing technologies that promote online business. When the company was launched recently, they promised to offer a video email technology that would help business owners market their services and products. They also promised a mode of marketing that would help business owners connect with their potential customers as well as current ones. With their app, you can send a video email and message anyone from your mobile phone or tablet. The app is supported on both iphone and ipad as well as android platforms.

The other benefit of using Talk Fusion is that you can send your customers a video newsletter. It is a straightforward application which enables you to send customized videos to your audiences. You can also be able to send your subscribers follow-up messages in the form of an email using this technology. People also love the Fusion Wall which enables them to post videos on their walls. This feature also makes it possible to rank your videos. With Talk Fusion, online marketing is made pretty much easier.